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Pushing a Car Uphill Never Works

Sigh, this is why I wish that natural selection still worked.

  • Views:524
  • Added:01/20
  • Raiting:2.00
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Jeopardy is Now Classier Than Ever

Not only did he guess "donkey punch," but it actually seemed like it would be the right answer. And he lost. That's what you get for bein...

  • Views:6312
  • Added:01/19
  • Raiting:2.50
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The Best Kind of Hat

Everyone knows that cat hats are SO in this season. Forget newsie caps!

  • Views:556
  • Added:01/18
  • Raiting:1.00
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Happiest Dog Alive Wants to Go on a Walk

You should see what this dog does when he has to go poop.

  • Views:509
  • Added:01/17
  • Raiting:0.00
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Dick Enberg Likes Cheerleaders

Picture of NCAA analyst Dick Enberg clearly enjoying his seats at a UCLA basketball game.

  • Views:11752
  • Added:06/11
  • Raiting:2.98
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News Anchors or Rapists?

Picture of a billboard for the nightly news featuring three anchors alongside a breaking story that fits just perfectly.

  • Views:6144
  • Added:05/31
  • Raiting:2.88
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Guess What's Coming

Picture of a billboard for an aquarium with an odd use of a provocative slogan combined with a couple of fingers.

  • Views:8670
  • Added:05/28
  • Raiting:2.88
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Become a Donor

A funny print advertisement stating a sad reality for many guys and somehow encouraging them to donate organs, I guess.

  • Views:9817
  • Added:05/27
  • Raiting:3.00
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