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Sterilization Via Balance Ball Accident

There you have it, that is the absolute fastest way to get rid of your testicles. Enjoy!

  • Views:6268
  • Added:02/01
  • Raiting:1.40
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Liam Neeson Leaves a Fan a Voicemail

This is exactly why Liam Neeson is THE best celebrity. Ever.

  • Views:3409
  • Added:01/31
  • Raiting:3.00
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ESPN Anchor Gets Called Out

Hey, I'm not pointing fingers, but maybe he WAS acting like a douche.

  • Views:6992
  • Added:01/28
  • Raiting:3.50
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The Amazing Mascot Dunk

HOLY CRAP. ... well, that's one way to do it.

  • Views:6621
  • Added:01/27
  • Raiting:4.50
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Baby & Blow-up Doll

Picture of a baby boy who seems to be familiarizing himself with a female blow-up doll.

  • Views:1020
  • Added:09/02
  • Raiting:0.00
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Full Moon Photo

Picture of a bunch of girls posing for a picture outside of a bar and inside some guy is giving them a full moon view against the glass.

  • Views:1097
  • Added:09/01
  • Raiting:0.00
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Relaxed Squirrel

Picture of a squirrel laying down so relaxed that all of his legs are spread wide out and he's flat on his belly.

  • Views:995
  • Added:08/31
  • Raiting:0.00
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Pantsing Tackle

Picture of an Australian Rules Football player desperately grasping at his opponent's shorts in a last ditch tackle attempt.

  • Views:1137
  • Added:08/30
  • Raiting:0.00
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